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Henna Squared

BAQ Henna Powder - Pure Henna Powder - 100g

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Introducing our premium Body Art Quality (BAQ) henna powder, the perfect choice for creating stunning henna designs on your skin. Our henna powder is made from the finest henna leaves from Sojat, Rajasthan, carefully sourced and processed to ensure a rich and vibrant color payoff.

The powder is five times cloth-sifted ensuring a smooth paste that can be used for thin tip cones. It is in between creamy and stringy, so it can be used for bridal and party designs. The stain varies from reddish-brown to deep almost-black on the palm.

Use the henna powder with our Henna Squared essential oil blend for the best results.

Henna Recipe:

  1. 100g henna powder
  2. 30g essential oil
  3. 30g-45g sugar
  4. water/lemon juice as needed