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Instant Henna Tattoos

Q: What is an Instant Henna Tattoo? 

A: Instant Henna Tattoo is a temporary tattoo sticker that is water activated. 

Q: How do I apply this? 

A: Its simple! You cut out the design before hand, peel the plastic film, and place it on your hand. Then you take a damp paper towel or washcloth and soak the paper for 20 seconds. You should feel the paper start loosening up, at that point you can slide it off carefully. Do not force the paper off as it will break the design. 

Q: How long does this last? 

A: The tattoos can last 2-3 days, however, after some time, they do get tacky and start rubbing off. We advise you to treat this as a one-day tattoo. However, on body parts that are not the hands, it should last longer as there is less friction. 

Q: Can I remove it quicker? 

A: Yes, you can remove it with alcohol, baby oil, or acetone 

Q: Can I pray with this on? 

A: This is an adhesive sticker that is placed on top of the skin. It is not water permeable. We recommend you make your wudu and then put the sticker on to ensure your wudu is valid. For more halal options, consider the Semi-Permanent Tattoo or Organic Henna as those are not a skin barrier.