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Henna Squared

Raisa -- Rose design with mandala (Design 4)

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 Raisa means rose in Urdu, and this design features a beautiful rose atop an intricate mandala. Please note that this mandala is slightly larger and will cover the full hand.

This is one design sheet for one hand only!

Instantly transform your hands using our temporary henna-inspired tattoo. This is an original henna.squared design created with you in mind! 

Application is easy and quick!  

  1. Cut the design out so you can place it correctly
  2. Place the design on clean skin 
  3. Wet the back using a damp cloth or sponge for 15-20 seconds 
  4. Slowly remove the paper ensuring the design has transferred

Voila! You now have an instant original henna design on your hand. 

Benefits of our Instant Henna Tattoo: 

  • COVID friendly -- you can apply an original henna design on your own hand without leaving your home or being in close contact to another person 
  • Child-friendly -- this product is great for mothers who don't have the time to wait for henna to be applied and to dry 
  • Quick, easy, and no wait time -- gone are the days you need to wait 2 days for the henna stain to show